Our paper elucidating binding hotspots of the BAZ2B bromodomain:histone interaction now published in Biochemistry

  • Table of Content graphics
  • Figure 1. Structural features of the BAZ2B bromodomain
  • Figure 2. BAZ2B spectral assignment
  • Figure 3. Parameters describing internal dynamics for the assigned and nonoverlapping residues of BAZ2B bromodomain
  • Figure 4. Dynamics of the BAZ2B bromodomain
  • Figure 5. Small molecule HSQC titration
  • Figure 6. Peptide HSQC titration
  • Figure 7. CLEANEX-PM spectra of BAZ2B bromodomain
  • Figure 8. Results of HADDOCK docking
  • Figure 9. Views of the HADDOCK model

Read our paper here.