Our collaboration with Dario Alessi's Lab on deploying improved HaloPROTACs against CRISPR'ed halo-tagged endosomal proteins is now out in ACS Chem Biol

  • ToC graphics
  • Figure 1. Generation of HaloTag7 endogenous fusion proteins by CRISPR/Cas9.
  • Figure 2. Localization and function of VPS34 and SGK3 are unaffected by fusion to HaloTag7.
  • Figure 3. Chemical structures of HaloPROTAC3 and Compounds A–F.
  • Figure 4. HaloPROTAC-mediated degradation of HaloTag7-fusion proteins.
  • Figure 5. Mechanistic characterization of HaloPROTAC-E.
  • Figure 6. Comparison of HaloPROTAC-E to previously reported HaloPROTAC3.
  • Figure 7. HaloPROTAC-E induces degradation of endosomally localized proteins.
  • Figure 8. Degradation of HaloTag7 fusions is highly specific and has a biological impact.

Read the open access article here

Congratulations to Hannah Tovell in Dario Alessi's group for the excellent job on this study. Well done Andrea and Chiara for the chemistry contributions to the project!