New paper: Thioamide substitution to probe the hydroxyproline recognition of VHL ligands published in Bioorg Med Chem

  • n→π* interaction in prolines and VHL inhibitors
  • Graphical Abstract
  • Fig. 2. Chemical structure of inhibitor 1 and thioamide derivatives 2–4.
  • Scheme 1. Synthesis of thioamide compounds 2–4.
  • Fig. 3. Biophysical characterization of compounds 1–4 binding to VHL.
  • Fig. 4. Co-crystal structures of compounds 1–4 in complex with VBC.

The article is a contribution to the journal's Special Issue for the 2018 Tetrahedron Young Investigators Award for Matthew Fuchter.

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Congratulations Pedro and Xavi, well done!