On the front cover of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

  • Front cover of Org Biomol Chem, Issue 38
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Our paper on the stereoselective synthesis of bumped BET bromodomain ligands has been selected for the front cover of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Issue 38!

The cover image was designed by Jagoda Sadowska, Alessio Ciulli and Adam Bond, and produced by Jagoda Sadowska. Jagoda, a recent graduate from Dundee University, is an illustrator who worked with us on this project (check her work out at jagodasadowska.com). 

The cover is entitled "Bumping out of oyster's aspartic acid". It features a close-up of oyster, one of which is opened to reveal the compound described in our paper. Oysters are a major nature source of aspartic acid - the key precursor in the new synthetic route we report in the paper.

Congrats to Jagoda, Adam and everyone involved!