Jeff Wong

Staff Position: 
Scientist Medicinal / Organic Chemistry
MChem Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry (2017), University of York
PhD Chemistry (2021), Heriot-Watt University
Staff Email: 

Jeff obtained his Mchem degree at the University of York, undertaking his final year project under the supervision of Prof. Peter O’Brien and Dr Thomas Farmer developing methodologies for obtaining lead-like nitrogen heterocycles from the renewable starting material 2-MeTHF. Jeff then joined the research group of Dr Graeme Barker in 2017 as the inaugural PhD student, where he developed novel C-H functionalisations of alkylazoles under batch and continuous flow conditions using organometallic chemistry. Jeff then joined the AC-BI team in 2021 as a synthetic medicinal chemist to develop novel PROTACs. In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing guitar, exploring nature and cooking.