Jakub Krstev

Staff Position: 
Associate Scientist (Cell Biology)
Bsc in Biotechnology (Applied Molecular Biology) from the University of Aberdeen
Msc in Biotechnology from the University of Aberdeen

Jakub, a native of Slovakia, joined the Ciulli group in July 2022 as a Cell Biologist on the PROTAC collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim. He has earned a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biotechnology, both with the University of Aberdeen. During his time working on developing a POU3F4 knockout cell line to examine its effects on myogenesis under Dr. Lionikas, as part of his Bachelor’s thesis placement, he got his first proper taste of working in cell culture and became fond of and interested in the field as a potential career path. Whilst during his Master’s placement at TauRx Pharmaceuticals Ltd., optimizing an ELISA assay for quantifying Tau-Tau interaction in the presence of a Tau aggregation inhibitor, he became more familiar with the process of validation of therapeutic efficacy of novel drugs. After graduating from the University of Aberdeen he worked as a laboratory research technician at APS Biocontrol Ltd. working on the field trials of Biolyse, a bacteriophage based biopesticide. When not in the lab Jakub enjoys Indoor climbing or simply getting nice and comfortable with a cup of coffee and a good book or a video assay on some niche bit of history.