Selma Gulyurtlu

Staff Position: 
Scientist Cell Biology
B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences with Honours (2015), University of Dundee
Ph.D. in Cell Biology (2020), University of St Andrews

Selma is a Cell Biologist that joined the Ciulli group as part of the collaboration with Almirall, to aid developing PROTACs to target skin diseases. Selma started off as an undergraduate in the University of Dundee, studying biomedical sciences, when she was offered a PhD in Cell Biology at the University of St Andrews. Here she focussed on cell and molecular biology techniques, particularly using different kinds of microscopy, to look into how the RNA metabolism is impaired in a disease called Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1. With a great interest for translational research and contributing to clinical sciences, Selma now joins the AC-ALM group to gain experience in drug discovery with the vastly growing and exciting PROTAC technology. When not wearing a lab coat, Selma enjoys a range of sports, the great outdoors, any form of art from music and theatre to painting, and spending time with her family.