Andreas Holmqvist

Staff Position: 
2nd Year PhD student (BBSRC EastBio Studentship)
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Andreas Holmqvist joined the Farnaby group as a PhD student in medicinal chemistry in September 2022. In his PhD, he will work on the development of blood-brain barrier permeable degraders to rescue neurons in neurodegenerative diseases. Andreas completed his master’s in organic and medicinal chemistry at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden spring 2022. During his master’s, Andreas worked on his personally designed master’s project developing PROTACs for the proteasome’s regulatory subunit, RPN11, to induce proteotoxic stress in multiple myeloma cells. In this project, he learned that stepping out of the comfort zone is one of the most rewarding feats in science since the reward supersedes the challenge by far. To further explore his interest in Andreas in TPD and chemically induced proximity, Andreas decided to apply for a PhD position at the new centre for target protein degradation in the Farnaby group. Andreas is a very social and easy-going person who loves spending time at the gym and being with the CeTPD family as well as his own family.