Tasuku Ishida

Staff Position: 
Visiting Postdoctoral Scientist
M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science (2002), The University of Tokyo
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science (2005), The University of Tokyo
Past Member To and From Dates: 
July 2019 - May 2022
Past Member Current Position: 
Senior Scientist & Manager at Eisai

Tasuku completed his M.S.(2002) and Ph.D.(2005) at the University of Tokyo supervised by Prof. Shu Kobayashi. After obtained Ph.D. degree, he joined Eisai Co,. Ltd. as a medicinal chemist, developing new chemical entities in neuroscience area. In 2011, Eisai established a new subsidiary, H3 Biomedicine Inc. in Massachusetts, US, and he was assigned there as a senior investigator to construct diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) library. After coming back to Japan in 2015, he joined Oncology Business Group as a senior scientist to develop novel cancer therapies. In his spare time, he enjoys travel (20 countries to date), cycling, and personal computers.