Miriam Girardini

Staff Position: 
Visiting PhD student. University of Parma (Italy)
M.Sc in Pharmacy, University of Parma
Past Member To and From Dates: 
January - November 2018
Past Member Current Position: 
PhD student at the University of Parma

I am Miriam and I am an Italian PhD student. I graduated in 2016 with a M.Sc in Pharmacy defending a thesis focused on the synthesis of novel cyclic RGD-Sunitinib conjugates as potential anti-angiogenic compounds. Afterwards, I started a PhD on Drugs, Biomolecules and Health Products at the University of Parma with the main research field on tuberculosis. I joined the group of Prof. Ciulli as visiting PhD student to work on PROTACs, with the aim of learn more about organic chemistry and chemical biology in the field of targeted protein degradation.