Joachim Broeker

Staff Position: 
Visiting Scientist (Boehringer Ingelheim)
M.Sc. Technical Chemistry (2000), Vienna University of Technology
PhD in Chemistry (2004), Vienna University of Technology
Past Member To and From Dates: 
May - July 2019
Past Member Current Position: 
Lab Head, Boehringer Ingelheim Vienna

Joachim did his MSc (2000) and PhD (2004) at the Vienna University of Technology under the supervision of Peter Gaertner, working on chiral linkers and their application as auxiliaries for stereoselective synthesis on solid phase. In 2004 he joined the Boehriner-Ingelheim oncology site in Vienna working in Medicinal Chemistry first as a postdoc and then as a scientist mainly on kinase projects in the lab of Heinz Stadtmueller. After staying at the BI virology research site in Laval, Canada as a visiting scientist in 2009, he was promoted to research lab head in 2012, and since then has worked on early and late stage projects in the field of deubiquitinases and epigenetics and recently in the MDM2 and KRAS programs. Apart from chemistry, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing Ultimate Frisbee.