Hao Lan

Staff Position: 
Visiting PhD student (University of Bristol)
BSc in Chemistry, University of Sheffield
MRes in Drug Discovery and Development, Imperial College London (Prof. Matthew Fuchter and Dr. Charlotte Sutherell)
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Past Member To and From Dates: 
October - December 2022
Past Member Current Position: 
4th Year PhD, EPSRC Chemical Synthesis CDT, University of Bristol (Prof. Craig Butts and Prof. Varinder Aggarwal)

My name is Hao Lan and I am originally from Nanjing, China. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Sheffield. This is followed by one-year research master at Imperial College London, working on synthesis of novel chemical probes targeting an epigenetic protein under supervisions of Prof. Matthew Fuchter and Dr. Charlotte Sutherell. Then I joined synthesis CDT in the school of chemistry at University of Bristol, undertaking my PhD with Prof. Craig Butts and Prof. Varinder Aggarwal focusing on multi-disciplinary projects including PROTAC. As a follower of structure-based drug discovery, I have developed diverse skills and experience in organic synthesis, computational modelling (CADD) and NMR techniques. I am currently finishing the major project of my PhD with two-month visit in Ciulli group. Apart from being a chemist, I love swimming, running and all other sports on the journey to get fit again.