Elvira Bruno

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Visiting PhD student. University of Messina (Italy)
MSc. Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies (2013), University of Messina, Italy
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Past Member To and From Dates: 
April - October 2016
Past Member Current Position: 
PhD student. University of Messina (Italy)

Hi, I am Elvira Bruno and I come from Messina, in Italy. I obtained my degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology in October 2013, at the University of Messina.
I am PhD student and I started my PhD program at the University of Messina in January 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Gitto. My PhD project is a continuation of my thesis work, focusing on the synthesis of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. I am very excited to work with Ciulli group in order to learn new aspects about structure-based drug design and biophysical methods to study protein-ligand interactions. After work, I love to stay with my friends and my family, go to the gym and to dance.