Calum Henderson

Staff Position: 
MSci student
Past Member To and From Dates: 
James Black Prize Vacation Summer Student (June-August 2018); 4th Year Honours student (Sept-Dec 2018); MSci student (Nov 2019 - Mar 2020)
Past Member Current Position: 
Student at the University of Dundee

Hi, I am Calum. I’m originally from Aberdeen but moved to Dundee to study Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery (Hons). Studying this course has given me an insight into a number of key aspects of biochemistry, such as the basic underlying biological processes required for life and vital survival mechanisms along with how errors in these pathways can cause disease, as well as an understanding of the processes involved in the design and production of new forms of treatment for diseases. Over my summer break between the third and fourth year, as part of the James Black Prize Vocational Scholarship programme, I have been given the opportunity to work alongside members of the Ciulli lab on the synthesis of new PROTACs which can be screened for any candidates showing indications of protein degradation which could form the basis of further research.