Dr Carles Galdeano

Staff Position: 
EMBO short-term fellow and Research Associate (U. Cambridge) / Marie-Curie Fellowship (U. Dundee)
Ph.D in Pharmcy 2012, Facultat de Farmàcia, Universitat de Barcelona
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Past Member To and From Dates: 
01/06/2012 (Cambridge) - 08/05/2015 (Dundee)
Past Member Current Position: 
Associate Professor at University of Barcelona

Dr Carles Galdeano is currently an Associate Professor at University of Barcelona. He obtained his PhD in medicinal chemistry at University of Barcelona with two visiting stays at Virginia Tech (USA) and CNRS (France). After that, he spent three years post-doc in the Alessio Ciulli’s lab (first at University of Cambridge and later at University of Dundee) where together they develop the first potent VHL ligands described. His postdoctoral discoveries represented a breakthrough in the PROTACS field. In 2015, he returned to the University of Barcelona to work in collaboration with Prof Barril with a Beatriu de Pinos Fellowship until 2019, when he started his independent research group as a Serra Hunter lecturer. His Lab (https://www.ub.edu/tpdlab/) is interested in expanding the druggable proteome since the majority of proteins are still today considered undruggable for conventional drug discovery approaches.