Kentaro Iso

Staff Position: 
Visiting Postdoctoral Scientist
BSc in Chemistry (2006), Tohoku University
MSc in Chemistry (2008), Tohoku University
PhD in Chemistry (2011), Tohoku University
Staff Email: 

Kentaro started to study organic chemistry at Tohoku University supervised by Prof. Yoshinori Yamamoto. Then he completed his MSc and PhD in the field of natural product synthesis under the supervision of Prof. Masahiro Hirama. In 2011, he joined Eisai and started medicinal chemistry including peptide mimetic, natural product, peptide synthesis, antibody-drug conjugates, and protein degraders. During the course of his carrier, he studied organic chemistry at Prof. Phil S Baran’s laboratory as a short-term visiting student in The Scripps Research Institute (2010), and at Prof. Yoshito Kishi’s laboratory as a visiting postdoc in Harvard University (2014-2017). In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, hiking, bouldering, and Scuba. And he is interested in learning to play the piano and Python.