Scott Hughes

Staff Position: 
Post-Doctoral Scientist
Bachelor of Medical Sciences (2009) - Western University - London, Canada
MSc Pharmacology & Toxicology (2011) - Western University - London, Canada
PhD Pharmacology (2016) - University of Toronto - Toronto, Canada
Past Member To and From Dates: 
August 2016 - October 2019
Past Member Current Position: 
Director of Exploratory Biology at Amphista Therapeutics

Scott is from Canada, the land of maple syrup and moose.  He completed his BSc (2009) and MSc (2011) at Western University in London (Canada, but also built at the fork of a Thames River).  His Master’s was completed under the supervision of Dr. James Hammond and focused on structure-function relationships in the human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1, specifically its regulation by intracellular kinases. 

Keen on developing an expertise in structural biology, he moved to Toronto and began his PhD in the lab of Dr. Hee-Won Park in the Structural Genomics Consortium at the University of Toronto. In late 2012, the lab moved to Tulane University in New Orleans, USA, where Scott developed a love for beads, jazz and all things fried.  His doctoral work involved the use of x-ray crystallography and biochemical techniques to probe the structure and function of bacterial pantothenate kinases and lipoate-protein ligases, as well as a splash of antimicrobial development.  To further build expertise in structure-based drug discovery, as well as expand his knowledge in biophysical techniques and the targeting of protein-protein interactions, he joined the Ciulli lab in Aug 2016.  Outside the lab, Scott enjoys Sci-Fi, playing guitar, and exploring the outdoors.