Andrew Runcie

Staff Position: 
PhD student & Post-doctoral scientist
BSc (Hons), Molecular Biology, University of St. Andrews
Past Member To and From Dates: 
September 2014 - September 2019
Past Member Current Position: 
Research Biologist at Amphista Therapeutics

Andrew, from Glasgow, joined the Ciulli lab in September 2014 after completing his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology at the University of St Andrews. His honours project featured the use of single-molecule FRET experiments to investigate the SAM-I riboswitch and the importance of a specific structural element (the P4 stem-loop).
Andrew’s PhD project is to investigate the ligandability of tandem domain proteins within epigenetic readers featuring bromodomains and plant homeodomains fingers, where he aims to design a series of chemical probes capable of elucidating the function and significance of specific tandem domain proteins. This multi-disciplinary project should provide Andrew with a wealth of experience in fields such as medicinal chemistry and structural biology.
On his days off, Andrew likes to read, play videogames and spend time with his friends.

Andrew was formerly a BBSRC EastBio DTP Ph.D. Student in the group (2014-2018) and subsequent Post-Doctoral Scientist (2018-2019)