Jonathan Ramírez Cárdenas

Staff Position: 
Visiting PhD Student (University of Seville)
Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry at the University of Seville ( 2020)
Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry at the University Autonomous of Madrid (2021)

I am a visiting PhD student from Seville (Spain). I am graduated in chemistry at the University of Seville. Then, I moved to Madrid to do my master’s degree in organic chemistry at the University Autonomous of Madrid. When I finished my master’s degree, I got a competitive predoctoral fellowship from the ministry of science and research of the government of Spain, so I returned to Seville to start the PhD in the Jesús Angulo’s group. My thesis is focused on studying weak ligand-protein interactions using STD NMR technique and computational studies. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, playing football and going out with friends to drink good beers.