Alessandra Salerno

Staff Position: 
Post-Doctoral scientist
BSc and MSci in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Bologna (2019)
PhD in Medicinal Chemistry University of Bologna (2023)
Past Member To and From Dates: 
June - December 2022
Past Member Current Position: 
PhD student in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Bologna, Italy

Alessandra got her MSc degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Bologna in 2019. She spent a research period for the development of her Master thesis at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) under the supervisor of Prof. J. C. Menéndez. After graduation, she was awarded the Unipharma-Graduates Scholarship and was hosted by Prof. E. Van der Eycken at KU-Leuven (Belgium) working in the field of photochemistry for five months. In 2019, under the supervision of Prof Maria Laura Bolognesi (University of Bologna, Italy), she started her PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, focused on the design and synthesis of PROTACs as potential treatment for neglected and neurodegenerative diseases. Alessandra moved to Dundee in June 2022 to join the Ciulli Group for six months as a visiting PhD student, keen on expanding her knowledge of the PROTAC field. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, reading and photography.