University of Dundee

X-ray Crystallography

High-resolution three-dimensional structures obtained from protein X-ray crystallography form the foundations of modern structural biology and drug design. Groups within the School of Life Sciences use the facilities to solve new protein structures and to gain structural information on the binding characteristics of potential drug compounds.

This provides valuable information that is used to direct ongoing drug design projects. There are also facilities within the Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery for automated liquid dispensing for crystallisation experiments and for automated crystal tray imaging.

Our facilities comprise:

  • Phoenix Robot for high-throughput screening of crystallisation conditions in 100nl drops.
  • Two Rigaku M007HF X-ray generators equipped with either an R-AXIS IV+ image plate or a Saturn 944HG+ CCD detector.
  • ACTOR robot allowing fully automated sample mounting, X-ray screening and data collection.
  • Collection of high quality data-sets in-house suitable for sulphur SAD structure solution.
  • Rapid screening of crystals in preparation for data collection at synchrotron sources.