University of Dundee

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

The School of Life Sciences Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility provides research flow cytometry and fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) support to all investigators located within the School. The facilities are also available to other departments within the University of Dundee, as well as external research bodies.

This web site is intended to give a brief overview of flow cytometry and cell sorting and the instrumentation we have. As a central resource we are able to support a broad range of research activities. The majority of researchers who contact us wish to perform their own sample analysis, and in this instance we provide high quality training and on-going technical support to enable them to do so. For those who prefer to leave their analysis to 'the experts', facility staff are here to perform sample and data analysis and report the results back to the researcher. Facility staff also perform all cell sorting applications, and are on-hand to provide technical support of any kind when needed. If you would like to make use of any of our facilities please contact Dr Rosie Clarke.

The Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility was funded initially by the Wellcome Trust Strategic Award.