University of Dundee

“GPCR Structure-Based Drug Design comes of age: R(eal)I drives rational design including FEP, with waters found key for binding, selectivity and kinetics”

Event Date: 
Monday, January 28, 2019 - 10:00
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MSI Small Lecture Theatre
Dr. Fabio Zuccotto
Event Speaker: 
Jonathan Mason
Senior Research Fellow, Computational Chemistry, Sosei Heptares
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Dr. Jonathan Mason is a Senior Research Fellow at Heptares Therapeutics in the UK leading CADD approaches for GPCR structure-based drug design and a Scientific Advisor to several biotech companies (US, UK, Japan).  He has almost four decades years of global pharmaceutical drug discovery experience and is an experienced leader and scientific expert for drug design technologies (computational medicinal chemistry / CADD, structural biology, in silico ADME/tox etc). He previously led teams involving computational chemistry and structural biology/chemistry at Lundbeck (Denmark, Divisional Director), Pfizer (UK, Executive Director MISD), Bristol-Myers Squibb (US, Director Structural Biology & Modeling) and Rhône-Poulenc Rorer (now Sanofi) in the UK, France and USA, including an initial 5 years as a medicinal chemist. He started his career as a synthetic medicinal chemist (PhD, Queen Mary, U. London), becoming an early pioneer of the use of computational chemistry /CADD approaches in discovery research, particularly the development and use of 3D pharmacophore fingerprint methods for both protein SBDD and ligand-based approaches emphasizing the key role of lipophilic hotspots as well as polar interactions, the use of biological fingerprints for lead selection and attrition and more recently enhancing computer-assisted drug design with full binding site water networks and their energetics for potency, selectivity and kinetics. He is a strong believer in the power of interactive 3D stereo visualisation for group as well as individual design sessions, and where possible includes some 3D visualisation in his presentations.


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