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Postdoctoral Scientist Position for TIRF Microscopy (kinetochore-microtubule interaction)

Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression
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Saturday, January 31, 2015
Grade 7 (£30,434- £37,394)

A post-doctoral position is available in Professor Tomo Tanaka’s lab for up to three years to study kinetochore–microtubule interaction using TIRF microscopy. The lab studies mechanisms of chromosome segregation in vivo, such as kinetochore–microtubule interaction. The project will extend our expertise by studying kinetochore–microtubule interaction in vitro. Past publications from the lab include Nature 428, 93 (2004), Nature 434, 987 (2005); Cell 125, 1297 (2006); Genes Dev 21, 3319 (2007); Dev Cell 18, 248 (2010), Dev Cell 19, 232 (2010), Dev Cell 21, 920 (2011), Mol Cell 50, 661 (2013). For more publications, search PubMed for Tanaka TU.

An applicant must have a PhD with research experience of TIRF microscopy and/or in vitro microtubule reconstitution. Experience of protein purification and molecular biology (such as plasmid construction) will also be highly appreciated. The post-doctoral fellow taking up this position will be based in the well-equipped laboratory of the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression at the University of Dundee, and will be supported by a Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellowship awarded to Professor Tanaka.

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