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Harnessing the power of a protein to prevent breast and ovarian cancers

Research from Professor Anton Gartner’s group in the Centre for Gene Expression and Regulation has provided new information on the mechanics of cell division. Published today in Nature Communications, the work shows the role of a particular protein in this process that may have implications in understanding some types of breast and ovarian cancer.

‘Immuno-Oncology: Looking beyond T lymphocytes’

Yumeng Mao is a Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca in Cambridge, UK who is interested in the development of small molecule drugs that potentiate anti-tumour immunity. Yumeng started his training in tumour immunology in 2009 with Dr. Karl-Erik Hellstrom at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. Subsequently, he completed his doctoral and post-doctoral work at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden with Prof. Rolf Kiessling.