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Major announcements from OME collaborative projects

This week has seen two major announcements made on projects that Open Microscopy Environment (OME), led by Professor Jason Swedlow in the School, have collaborated on:

1. Euro-BioImaging European Research Infrastructure Consortia

The UK will be joining the Euro-BioImaging European Research Infrastructure Consortia, hosted in Finland, as a founder member. OME has participated in Euro-BioImaging since its inception and has led its efforts to build public resources for imaging data.

Dundee cancer scientist’s £1 million ceasefire mission

A Life Sciences scientist has been awarded £1.4 million from Cancer Research UK to develop research that could bring a ceasefire to cellular warfare taking place within our DNA that can cause blood cancers such as Leukaemia. Dr Kasper Rasmussen is one of only five researchers this year to have been awarded a prestigious Career Development Fellowship by the charity.

"Making Sense of Cilia: Towards Therapies for the Ciliopathies"

The ciliopathies are a collection of phenotypically overlapping, rare, debilitating and complex conditions. Cilia are present on most cells that when they defective cause a wide range of clinical features including retinitis pigmentosa, renal cystic disease, polydactyly, situs inversus, cognitive impairment, hepatic disease, skeletal defects and brain defects.