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Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery

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Senior Biologist

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced malaria or cryptosporidiosis biologist to join our drug discovery group. The appointee will be involved in leading the biology aspects of a portfolio of drug discovery projects for malaria and cryptosporidiosis and integrating them with the chemistry, computational chemistry and pharmacokinetic aspects of the projects.

Research Technician (Maternity Leave Cover)

The Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) (see is a fully integrated drug discovery operation based within a world class Life Sciences research environment. Its remit is to complement BioPharma activities by tackling both neglected diseases (Trypanosomiasis, Leishmaniasis and Malaria) and early stage small molecule validation of novel targets & mechanisms across a range of potential therapeutic areas.

Hannah Tovell and Ciulli lab publish optimised HaloPROTAC method

Hannah Tovell an Alessi lab PhD student working closely with the Ciulli lab has published an improved HaloPROTAC method to induce post–translational knockdown of endogenous proteins. 

This approach makes use of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology to introduce a Halo tag onto the N or C terminus of any desired target protein that can then be targeted for degradation by a HaloPROTAC probe (see Figure).