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Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery

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Inter-microbial warfare may help overcome antimicrobial resistance

The University of Dundee’s Dr Sarah Coulthurst will lead a £2.7 million effort to investigate whether a ‘nanoweapon’ could be deployed in the global battle against antimicrobial resistance.

The World Health Organisation recently ranked antimicrobial resistance as one of the ten biggest threats to global health. As such, there is an urgent need to develop new treatments to prevent millions of lives being lost to diseases that are routinely treated with drugs such as antibiotics at present.

Synthetic Medicinal Chemists

The Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) ( is a fully integrated drug discovery operation based within a world class Life Sciences research environment. Its remit is to complement biopharma activities by tackling neglected diseases (leishmaniasis, TB and malaria) and validation of novel drug targets across a range of therapeutic areas. The DDU works to biotech style philosophy and standards incorporating, dynamic, goal driven project management based on Target Product Profiles and Compound Selection Criteria.

Postdoctoral Research Assistant – Cancer Cell Biology of Targeted Protein Degradation

Professor Alessio Ciulli’s laboratory is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to undertake research in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Eisai Co. Ltd. The project will apply novel cell biology and biochemical approaches to investigate mechanisms of targeted protein degradation and of novel degrader molecules to treat cancers and elucidate their mechanism of action.