University of Dundee


The success of every imaging experiment depends on the quality of the sample.

The histology service supports internal academic and external (academic and industry) users in all aspects of sample fixation and labeling and provides expert advice, training and practical support in a variety of histological techniques. Sufficient care in sample preparation is of critical importance to the success or failure of an imaging experiment.


The facility offers a range of techniques, the suitability of which depends on the research priority. Paraffin wax embedding is the most common technique for visualising tissue, structure and components due to the excellent preservation of tissue morphology. Resin embedding enables very thin sections to be cut, which are useful in cell size or cell counting studies. Frozen (fresh or fixed), cryostat-cut sections, prevent the loss of any tissue elements and is the method of choice for Immunohistochemistry, lipid localisation and enzyme histochemistry.