University of Dundee

Research Overview

Professor Julian Blow

Director of Research for Life Sciences

“The Centre underpins our research culture of interdisciplinary collaboration at the cutting-edge of technology."

We strive to ensure that Principal Investigators have access to the most advanced technologies to accelerate discovery. These include mass-spectrometry-based proteomics, optical and non-optical imaging, flow cytometry, deep sequencing, compound and siRNA screening and high performance computing.

These facilities allow researchers open access to the best technologies to drive their science. The facilities all have a senior PI Director and a dedicated Head of Technology and support team who provide access to equipment that is maintained and optimised, and develop and implement the latest techniques for the benefit of researchers. This includes ongoing training of PhD students and postdoctoral scientists in techniques relevant to their research.

Professor Tim Newman

“The Centre provides access to the research tools that helps turn novel interdisciplinary research ideas into reality.”

The biggest challenges and opportunities in modern science arise at the interface between disciplines. The fusion of life sciences and physical sciences is delivering powerful new insights into how biological processes function and how we can combat disease.

The University of Dundee is proud of its long heritage in life and physical sciences research and has invested heavily in accessible, interdisciplinary research technology where the technical and application challenges meet in a way in which physics can push into new areas while the biology guides the physics to answer specific research questions.

The University has recently set up a new Division for Computational Biology, hosting staff from physics and life sciences as members. This new division is housed in the recently opened Discovery Centre, providing close proximity between experimental and computational groups, with the Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies providing access to the research tools that helps turn novel interdisciplinary research ideas into reality.

Professor John Connell

Vice-Principal for Research at the University of Dundee

“Medicine is the application of physics and life science research and technology is fundamental to our success.”

The University of Dundee is the leading centre for biological science research in the UK and is leading scientific work in Europe.  This success is due to the exceptional science being done in a beautiful part of the world, but the real attraction to scientists across the STEM disciplines is the infrastructure available here to perform top-class research in a unique environment.  The Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies provides research scientists across the institution with world-leading, innovative technological solutions to support their scientific programs.