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Society and Funding Body Vacation Scholarships

Many learned societies in the UK also offer fully-funded Vacation scholarships. Your allocated project supervisor must be a member of your chosen society for you to be eligible. Certain research charities also offer similar scholarships.  The Supervisor, with your input, should write a short project outline and submit it around spring time in your penultimate year of study (deadlines vary so be sure to check early).

A selection of vacation studentships available from learned societies and other funding bodies is listed below.   These awards are dependent on a successful funding application made by your allocated Supervisor and are non-transferable. If your allocated supervisor is awarded a Vacation Scholarship for you it cannot be given to someone else if you change your mind. 

The Anatomical Society

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

The Biochemical Society

The British Society for Cell Biology

British Society for Developmental Biology

The British Mycological Society

British Pharmacological Society

The British Society for Plant Pathology

The Carnegie Trust

Gatsby Charitable Trust Opportunities in Plant Science Research

Gatsby plays a crucial role in promoting excellence in plant science research in the UK.  Two schemes for undergraduates are available:

Gatsby Plant Science Summer School – for Level 2 students at University of Dundee

This inspirational week is fully-funded and takes place at the end of the second Semester.

Sainsbury Undergraduate Studentships – for Level 3 students at University of Dundee

These prestigious summer placements are worth £4,000 and should be held somewhere other than the student’s home institution.

To apply, you first need to contact and be nominated by Dr Piers Hemsley ( who is the Gatsby Mentor for Plant Science at University of Dundee & The James Hutton Institute.

Read more about Scholarships on the Gatsby Website.

The Genetics Society

Pathological Society

The Physiological Society

The Royal Society of Biology

The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Society for Applied Microbiology

The Society for General Microbiology

Wellcome Trust