University of Dundee

Scholarships - External Opportunities


Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute welcomes students who wish to gain hands-on experience of working in a scientific research environment while studying. For more information click here.

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
The LMB Summer Studentships scheme is aimed at undergraduate students who are considering a future in academic research. The studentships provide hands-on experience of research and a true feel for what it is like to work in a lab. For more information click here.

The Francis Crick Institute, London
The Summer Student Programme is aimed at undergraduates at a UK university who are considering a future in biomedical research. These short placements give students hands-on experience and a true feel of what it's like to work in a lab.  For more information click here.

UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, London
Up to ten studentships will be available for undergraduate students studying science or medicine.  For more information click here.

University of Glasgow Institute of Cancer Sciences, Glasgow
An opportunity for undergraduate students studying Life Sciences who are considering a career in cancer research and want to experience for themselves what it is like working in a research lab.  For more information click here.

John Innes Centre, Norwich
UK and non-UK students are provided with the unique opportunity to spend the summer on their research programme in plant, microbial and computational biology.  For more information click here.

Imperial College London
Based in the heart of London, this four-week Revolutions in Biomedicine summer programme gives a unique insight into past, present and future biomedical transformations in a hands-on research environment at a leading international university.  For more information click here.

Student placements in the Highlands & Islands
This programme offers paid placement in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to students who wish to gain experience over the summer (eight to twelve weeks) and has now expanded this to include digital technology work based placements, where there may be the opportunity to undertake an up to 22 week placement on a pro rata basis during the academic year.  For more information click here.

Nuffield Foundation, London
The placements help students to increase confidence and improve key skills including practical, communication, report-writing and presentation skills.  It also provides excellent experiences & skills to include on CV’s and personal statements. By working with professional scientists and engineers in a real-life environment, students gain an invaluable insight into a wide variety of careers. For more information click here.


The Vienna Biocenter, Vienna
The Vienna Biocenter Summer School provides a unique opportunity for approx. 25 undergraduate students to work side by side with leading researchers in a dynamic scientific environment.  It is the perfect preparation for those students who are interested in graduate study in the life sciences arena. For more information click here.

Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
IST Austria offers summer internships to outstanding undergraduate students interested in basic research in Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas.  For more information click here.


East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) and the University of Dundee 
DUNDEE-ECUST Global Summer School supports interaction between Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Cultural & Economic Studies and offers courses in a variety of fields and disciplines.  The programme including innovative Science and Engineering projects, industry visits to introduce students to new technologies, increase understanding of the supply chain network management practices in China, Chinese culture appreciation through cultural field trips, Chinese Economic studies and language studies. The courses are geared towards students at undergraduate level but may well be offered to postgraduate level students. To apply, send your CV and a covering letter, explaining why you want to take part in the ECUST Summer School, to Yunwei Xu (Wendy) at by 5pm on Monday 15th January 2018. An interview will take place early Semester 2 and successful candidates will be informed within two weeks of the interview.


The Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz
The programme offers outstanding and enthusiastic undergraduate, Masters and PhD students from all over the world the opportunity to acquire excellent practical skills and hands-on training from leading scientists in molecular biology.  For more information click here.


Universität Zürich
The Zurich Biology Undergraduate Summer School (BUSS) gives undergraduate students in the Life Sciences the chance to perform a significant research project in one of the participating laboratories of the University of Zurich or the ETH Zurich.  For more information click here.

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. EPFL
Students will be matched with a specific laboratory based on the student's interest and background.  The student will be working as a member of the research group for a period of eight weeks on a specific project related to the laboratory's research programs.  For more information click here.

University of Lausanne
The first opportunity to do research at the edge of the unknown can be a life changing experience that is remembered for the rest of one’s life. The School of Biology of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) proposes the Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Programme for the uninitiated to obtain that first experience.  For more information click here.

Various locations throughtout EUROPE
Amgen Scholars is hosted at five premier institutions throughout Europe. Each host institution has its own application process. Enrollment at a European institution is required, and you can apply to participate at as many host institutions as you are interested in. For more information click here.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York
The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) at CSHL provides an opportunity for undergraduate scientists from around the world to conduct first-rate research. For more information click here.

Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Virginia
This program allows a small number of well-prepared, committed and gifted students to join an intense and exciting research environment. The Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program is a 10-week summer program aimed at well-prepared, independent, and committed students with significant research experience. For more information click here.

Harvard University, Cambridge & Boston, Massachusetts
The Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) Internship Program (HIP) provides undergraduate students with a focused and challenging summer research experience in a cutting-edge stem cell science laboratory. For more information click here.

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Since 1979, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) students have had the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of experienced mentors working at the frontier of their fields. For more information click here.

Duke University, Durham, N.C.
There are various research & summer opportunities available to undergraduate students. For more information click here.

Summer Research Opportunities in the USA
As summer programs release new 2018 deadline dates, Cornell University posts details of opportunities throughout the USA.  For more information click here.

DaRin Butz Foundation Research Internship Program
The DaRin Butz Foundation Research Internship Program at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University gives undergraduates in the life sciences a unique opportunity to experience research from start to finish while gaining training and connections among scientific colleagues.  For more information click here.

Journal of Young Investigators lists details of summer research programs available throughout the USA.  For more information click here.