University of Dundee

School President & Representatives

School President and Vice Presidents

School President:

Yasmin Odabashy

Associate President of Biological Sciences:

Jennifer Milligan

Associate President of Biomedical Sciences:

Andie Rae

Associate President of Levels 1 and 2:

Marek Blaszyk


Student Representatives

At the beginning of Level 1 we ask for eight volunteers to take the role of Student Reps; to act as a spokespeople for their year and represent their student colleagues at Staff/Student Liaison Meetings which take place once or twice per semester. This appointment extends throughout their study upon the agreement between the individual reps and Head of Year. We also ask for two reps from students entering at Level 2 to join the reps team. These reps also meet regularly with the School President who then presents their views and comments to School and College Board. In addition to the formal staff student meetings we also hold informal drop-in sessions fortnightly where any student may come with course queries.

Level 1 Class Reps for 2017/8

BS11001 ILS The Early Years Sophie Bell
BS11002 ILS Why Go Multicellular? Giorgia Giulia Renzi
BS11003 Laboratory and Research Skills 1A Noelia Pelegrina Hidalgo
BS11004 Laboratory and Research Skills 1B Joana Moreira Carneiro
BS11005 Introduction to Maths, Physics and Chemistry TBC TBC
BS11006 The Poison Pen TBC TBC
BS11007 Physics for the Life Sciences Workshops Cameron Ferguson

Level 2 Class Reps for 2017/8

BS21001 Statistics and Experimental Design Marek Blaszyk
BS21002 The Gene and the Cell Neve Mackenzie
BS21003 Laboratory and Research Skills 2A Emma Robinson
BS21004 Laboratory and Research Skills 2B Conchita Fraguas Bringas
BS21008 Bioinorganic and Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences Workshops Arienya Etoile
BS21009 Data Analysis for the Life Sciences TBC TBC
BS21010 Introductory Programming for Life Sciences Gabriele Mackelyte
BS21011 Developing Scientific Enterprise  Joe Sutton

Level 3 Class Reps for 2017/8

BS31003 Molecular Structure and Interactions Caitlin Kavanagh
BS31004 Biochemistry and Cell Biology Chloe MacLean
BS31005 Genetics Ruth Hernandez
BS31006 Gene Regulation and Expression Alex McCraw
BS31013 Biomembranes Jessica Newport
BS31016 Practical Techniques in Biomedical Sciences Simran Chopra
BS31019 Regulatory Physiology and Pharmacology Shreya Aryal
BS31020 Experimental Cell Culture Ellis McIntosh

Honours Class Reps 2017/8

BS41004 Research Project: Biological Sciences Danielle Spark
BS41005 Research Skills: Biological Sciences Brian Leung
BS41006 Research Skills: Biomedical Sciences Regina Chen
BS41007 Research Project: Biomedical Sciences Laura Inglis