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May 2018

  • 28 May 2018

    Congratulations to Piotr Zdankowski who passed his viva today with a thesis entitled “Adaptive optics stimulated emission depletion microscope for thick sample imaging.” Piotr was a PHOQUS PhD student in Professor Jason Swedlow’s lab. His internal examiner was Professor Kees Weijer and his external examiner was Dr Brian Patton from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

  • Professor Geoff Barton
    28 May 2018

    Funding of £1million has been announced to help University of Dundee scientists tackle the challenges of dealing with big data, just 24 hours after Theresa May heralded the potential of artificial intelligence to transform healthcare.

  • Professor John Peters
    18 May 2018

    Professor John Peters, Professor of Pharmacology has been awarded the Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching at the University of Dundee.

  • Professor Paul Birch
    17 May 2018

    A world-leading plant disease researcher at the University of Dundee has been awarded major funding for a study which may explain the mechanisms of crop killing diseases across the globe. Plant diseases currently account for 40 per cent of crop losses each year world-wide, representing a serious threat to food security. Professor Paul Birch, Head of the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Dundee, was awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant, worth just under €2.5million for the next five years.

  • Kim Dale with Lucas Morales, who nominated her for the award.
    17 May 2018

    Last Friday, the Dundee University Student Association (DUSA) celebrated the lecturers who help make our university one of the best in the world, at their annual Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTA). Kim Dale from the School was named Best Postgraduate Supervisor after being shortlisted for the second year in a row. “I am so touched to have been nominated by two of my PhD students, Lucas Morales Moya and Francesca Carrieri, as they both know it is one of the parts I love most about my job,” said Kim.

  • Boon-Chin Tan
    14 May 2018

    Boon-Chin Tan, a senior lecturer in the Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture at University of Malaya, Malaysia, has been awarded a Royal Society-Newton Advanced Fellowship to join Gordon Simpson’s lab.

  • Francisco Bustos and Anna Segarra-Fas
    10 May 2018

    New research by Greg Findlay’s group in the MRC-PPU has made progress in understanding the fundamentals of intellectual disability, a developmental disorder thought to affect 1-2% of the world’s population. The paper by Francisco Bustos, a post-doctoral investigator, and Anna Segarra-Fas, a PhD student in Greg’s lab, shows that genetic mutations found in intellectual disability patients impair the catalytic activity of an E3 ubiquitin ligase called RNF12.

  • Professor Sir Phillip Cohen
    10 May 2018

    Following his recent Senior Investigator Award of £2.3million from the Wellcome Trust, Philip Cohen has now been awarde

  • Professor Tracy Palmer
    09 May 2018

    Professor Tracy Palmer of the University of Dundee has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), the world's oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. 

  • Image (clockwise from top left): Dhaval Varshney, Olivia Lombardi, Victoria Cowling, Gabriele Schweikert.
    09 May 2018

    A collaboration between the Schweikert and Cowling research groups in the School of Life Sciences has uncovered a new mechanism of transcription regulation in mammals. The findings have been published in Cell Reports.