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February 2018

  • Ye Hong
    20 Feb 2018

    Research from Professor Anton Gartner’s group in the Centre for Gene Expression and Regulation has provided new information on the mechanics of cell division. Published today in Nature Communications, the work shows the role of a particular protein in this process that may have implications in understanding some types of breast and ovarian cancer.

  • 20 Feb 2018

    Katarzyna Knop, a post-doctoral researcher in Gordon Simpson’s lab, has been awarded a two-year Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship. Her research will focus on gene expression in plants, in particular those involved in plant immune responses.

  • Dr Helge Dorfmueller and Dr Harunori Yoshikawa
    12 Feb 2018

    Dr Helge Dorfmueller and Dr Harunori Yoshikawa have been awarded Tenvous Scotland grants in the most recent round of funding. Dr Dorfmueller, a Principal Investigator in the Division of Molecular Microbiology, was awarded a 2 year large research grant worth almost £100k. The funding will allow Dr Dorfmueller to investigate a biosynthetic carbohydrate as a vaccine candidate for Streptococcus pyogenes infections. S. pyogenes is a major human pathogen, causing more than 500,000 deaths annually worldwide.

  • Mouse dissociated embryonic kidney cells reforming into a kidney organoid
    09 Feb 2018

    Dr. Eleanor Williams has received the Biocuration Career Award in 2018 from the International Society for Biocuration.

  • Januschke lab: Anne Ramat, Nicolas Loyer, Matthew Hannaford & Jens Januschke
    08 Feb 2018

    After successfully defending his PhD in November last year, Matthew Hannaford's PhD work is now published in eLIFE.

  • barley image © James Hutton Institute
    07 Feb 2018

    Dundee’s position as an international hub for research into cereals – particularly barley – has been given a boost with the award of a grant which will create new connections with Australia. The award of a £150,000 from the Universities UK International Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner initiative will allow the University of Dundee to bring seven Early Career Researchers from Australia to Dundee for periods ranging from one to twelve months between March 2018 and March 2019.  

  • Figure 1: Declining T cell production leads to increasing disease incidence.
    06 Feb 2018

    - Study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests ageing immune system plays a larger role in cancer incidence than previously thought. - Findings may explain higher likelihood of men developing cancer than women. - This epidemiological research could have major implications for global fight against cancer if borne out by further studies.

  • Sarah-Lena Offenburger
    02 Feb 2018

    Research in the laboratory of Professor Anton Gartner has discovered two novel molecules that could help in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. The work published in back to back papers in PLOS Genetics show that these two molecules protect against loss of dopaminergic neurons. This loss is one of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease.

January 2018

  • Courtesy of Charlie Murphy at Tempting Failure festival. Photographer Yiota Demetriou
    30 Jan 2018

    An exhibition of art and science exploring how perceptions of space affect gestures, balance and movement will go on display this week at the University of Dundee’s LifeSpace Gallery.   ‘Trajectories’, LifeSpace’s first exhibition of 2018, will see work by artists Charles Robert Harrison, Charlie Murphy and Studio Senses featured alongside research on perceptions and experiences of dementia carried out by scientists at University College London.  

  • Yashwini Meenowa from Mauritius celebrates studying in Dundee
    26 Jan 2018

    International students at the University of Dundee have rated their overall satisfaction at over 93 per cent, one of the highest scores in the latest International Student Barometer (ISB).   With feedback from over 3 million students worldwide across all student types, levels and years of study, the ISB is the world's largest annual survey of international students.   The results of ISB’s Autumn 2017 survey have just been released to participating universities.