University of Dundee

Public Engagement Seed Fund - Funded Projects

Dundee and Me: How the City Shapes our Moods.

Fhionna Moore (Psychology) and Eddie Small of the University of Dundee, and Robin Sloan of Abertay University will be working with local school children and mental health service users to explore the links between our local environments and our emotional wellbeing. Participants will work together with students of Dundee and Abertay Universities to produce creative writing, computer and performance art that demonstrates how our environment can influence how we feel. The project will culminate in a performance and exhibition for friends and families, which will also be posted online for wider dissemination.

A computer game to educate the public about cancer progression

Dr Adrian Saurin is a cancer biologist studying cell division at the School of Medicine and he received funding for an interdisciplinary collaboration to develop a computer game to educate teenagers about how cancer develops and why various risk factors affect that development. The collaboration involves a computer games lecturer (Dr Robin Sloan, Abertay), a medical artist (Dr Caroline Erolin, CAHID/DJCAD), a cancer prevention specialist (Prof Annie Anderson, School of Medicine), and two experts in using games for education (Prof Divya Jindal-Snape and Mr Derek Robertson, School of Education and Social Work). The idea is to allow players try to control the spread of mutant cells that gain cancer hallmarks as a result of DNA mutations. This way the players experience for themselves how cancer develops and why risk factors make the game much harder to control.