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Named Lecture Archive

The Named Lecture and Discovery Seminar Series

The School of Life Sciences hosts several Named Lectures throughout the year. In addition, each Division invites 1 speaker who will give a Discovery Lecture. These lectures are given by distinguished scientists and are aimed at a very broad audience.  Details about the individual Named Lectures and previous lecturers can be found below. 

The Divisional Seminars

Each Division of the School of Life Sciences holds its own specialist seminars at various times throughout the year.

Final PhD Seminars

All final year postgraduate students present a 45 minute lecture on their research followed by questions from the audience. After a 30 minute break they then go into private session for a viva with an external examiner from another University and an internal examiner from the School of Life Sciences.

Named Lecture Series

The Adam Neville Lecture

The Adam Neville Lecture is held in honour of the Principal of the University of Dundee from 1978-1987 who had the foresight to realise that research excellence in the Life Sciences was the key to the University's future and who provided the financial backing and support that allowed the fledgling Department of Biochemistry to survive and essentially to prosper. Although much criticised at the time, his decisions have been vindicated by subsequent events. Without his help developments, such as the Wellcome Trust Biocentre would never have happened.

The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture

The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture was founded in 1997, to acknowledge the former Director of the Wellcome Trust's key role in the events that led the Wellcome Trust to donate £10 million towards the cost of the Wellcome Trust Building at Dundee. This is thought to be the largest single charitable donation ever given to Scotland in its history. The Bridget Ogilvie Lecturer is selected by each Division of the Wellcome Trust Building in rotation. 

The Peter Garland Lecture

The Peter Garland Lecture was set up in 1985 to mark the achievement of Dundee's first Professor of Biochemistry in building up the Department into one of the strongest in the UK over the period 1970 to 1984.

Named Lecturers

  Adam Neville Lecture Bridget Ogilvie Lecture Peter Garland Lecture
2018 Professor Greg Towers
University College London
(30th Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Diane K Newman
Division of Biology & Biological Engineering - Caltech
(18th The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Dr Richard Henderson
MRC Cambridge
(34th Peter Garland Lecture)
2017 Dr Simon Boulton
The Francis Crick Institute
(29th Adam Neville Lecture)
  Professor Dame Carol Robinson
Department of Chemistry
University of Oxford
(33rd Peter Garland Lecture)
2016   Professor Fiona Powrie
Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford
(18th The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor William A Catterall
University of Washington, Seattle
(32nd Peter Garland Lecture)
2015 Professor Molly Stevens
Imperial College London
(28th Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Marino Zerial
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden
cancelled due to his ill health – rescheduled for 30 May 2017
Professor James Rothman
Yale School of Medicine
(31st Peter Garland Lecture)
2014 Dame Linda Partridge
University College London
(27th Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Angela Nieto
Instituto de Neurosciencias, Spain
(17th The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Ron Vale
University of California, San Francisco
(30th Peter Garland Lecture)
2013 Dr Elaine Fuchs
Rockefeller University, New York
(26th Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Bonnie Bassler
Princeton University, New Jersey
(16th The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Angela Belcher
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(29th Peter Garland Lecture)
2012 Professor Robert A Weinberg
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts
(25th Adam Neville Lecture)
Dr Craig Thompson
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York
(15th The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Roger Tsien
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, La Jolla, California
(28th Peter Garland Lecture)
2011 Professor Peter Ratcliffe, FRS
Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
University of Oxford
(24th Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Wayne Hendrickson
Columbia University
(14th The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Venki Ramakrishnan, FRS
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology,
University of Cambridge
(27th Peter Garland Lecture)
2010 Professor John Todd
Cambridge Institute of Medical Research
(23rd Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Ruth Lehmann
Skirball Institute, New York
(13th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Elizabeth Blackburn
University of California
(26th Peter Garland Lecture)
2009 Professor Mark Pepys
University College of London Medical School
(22nd Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Gideon Dreyfuss
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
(12th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Dame Louise Johnson FRS
Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics at the University of Oxford
(25th Peter Garland Lecture)
2008 Professor Eric Olson
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas
(21st Adam Neville Lecture)
Sir John Skehel FRS
Former Director of the National Institute for Medical Research, London
(11th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Harold Varmus
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre
(24th Peter Garland Lecture)
2007 Professor Richard Flavell
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Yale University School of Medicine
(20th Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Janet Rossant FRS
Chief of Research, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
(10th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Dr Aaron Ciechanover
Israel Institute of Technology
(23rd Peter Garland Lecture)
2006 Professor Aubrey Manning
University of Edinburgh
(19th Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Herbert Waldmann
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund, Germany
(9th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Dr Sydney Brenner
Salk Research Institute, USA
(22nd Peter Garland Lecture)
2005 Professor Hans Clevers
Hubrecht Laboratory The Netherlands
(18th Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Robert Singer
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, New York
(8th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Sir John Sulston FRS
The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
(21st Peter Garland Lecture)
2004 Dr Oliver Smithies
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(17th Adam Neville Lecture)
Dr Arthur Weiss
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California San Francisco
(7th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Suzanne Cory
Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Research Institute, Division of Molecular Genetics of Cancer, Victoria, Australia
(20th Peter Garland Lecture)
2003 Dr Gerald Hart
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore
(16th Adam Neville Lecture)
Dr Gail Martin
University of California, San Francisco
(6th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Professor Sir Alec Jeffries
University of Leicester
(19th Peter Garland Lecture)
2002 Professor Marc Kirschner
Harvard Medical School, Boston
(15th The Adam Neville Lecture)
Dr Wim Hol
University of Washington, Seattle
(5th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Sir Paul Nurse
Director General, Cancer Research UK
(17th The Peter Garland Lecture)
2001 Lucy Shapiro
Stanford University, California
(14th The Adam Neville Lecture)
Robert Tjian
University of California, Berkeley
(4th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Arthur Kornberg
Stanford University, California
(16th The Peter Garland Lecture)
2000 Steve Elledge
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
(13th The Adam Neville Lecture)
Scott Emr
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
(3rd Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Bruce Alberts
National Academy of Sciences, Washington
(15th The Peter Garland Lecture)
1999 Sara A Courtneidge
(12th The Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Brigid Hogan
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville
(2nd Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Daniel E. Koshland Jr
University of California at Berkeley
(14th The Peter Garland Lecture)
1998 Kai Simons
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
(11th The Adam Neville Lecture)
Professor Stephen Beverley
Washington University Medical School, St. Louis
(1st Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)
Bruce Stillman
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
(13th The Peter Garland Lecture)
1997 Tim Mitchison
Harvard Medical School
(10th The Adam Neville Lecture)
  Phillip Sharp
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(12th The Peter Garland Lecture)