University of Dundee

Drug Discovery Unit

The Dundee Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) was founded in 2006 with the aim of translating basic science into lead compounds to validate putative drug targets, to use as tools to investigate disease pathways and, when appropriate, advance to pre-clinical drug candidates. The DDU works to Biotech style philosophy and standards incorporating, dynamic, goal driven Project Management based on Target Product Profiles and Compound Selection Criteria. The DDU has two major research focuses.

  • neglected tropical diseases
  • innovative targets and pathways

The DDU has all of the capabilities required for early phase drug discovery: assay development, high throughput screening, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, computational chemistry and DMPK. All of these capabilities operate under one management structure to ensure an integrated approach and rapid progress.

Currently the team is about 120 people and includes substantial experience from the pharmaceutical/ biotech sector. This website contains details of current programmes and supporting infrastructure.