University of Dundee

Cell and Developmental Biology


Researchers in this Division investigate the mechanisms of differentiation in developing organisms, stem cells and adult tissues and how these are corrupted in disease states.

Our work combines classical embryology and genetic approaches with multi-scale systems analyses to understand gene regulation and function, including super-resolution/long term cell and tissue imaging, genome-wide analyses and mathematical modelling.

Principal Investigators

Dr Kim Dale
Royal Society University Research Fellow and Associate Dean (International)
Establishing the vertebrate embryonic body plan
Dr Jens Januschke
Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Dynamics of cell polarisation
Professor Carol MacKintosh
Professor of Molecular Signalling and and Head of Postgraduate Studies
Diabetes and cancer as disorders of 'signal multiplexing' in the vertebrate animals
Professor Inke Nathke
Professor of Epithelial Biology and Cancer, Deputy Head of the Division of Cell & Developmental Biology
From molecules to tissue architecture
Professor Pauline Schaap FRSE
Professor of Developmental Signalling
Experimental and evolutionary reconstruction of developmental signalling pathways
Professor Kate Storey FRSE FMedSci
Professor of Neural Development and Head of the Division of Cell and Developmental Biology
Neural differentiation in embryos and embryonic stem cells
Professor Kees Weijer FRSE
Professor of Developmental Physiology and Head of Systems Biology
Cell-cell signalling and chemotactic cell movement during development

Associate Principal Investigators

Dr Marios Stavridis
Programme Lead (Biological Sciences) & Principal Investigator
Pluripotent stem cell biology
Dr Philip Murray
Dr Greg Findlay
Programme Leader
Embryonic Stem Cell Signaling Modules


Professor Jeff Williams FRSE
Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow
Signal transduction pathways that regulate Dictyostelium gene expression