University of Dundee

PhD Supervisors

Supervisor Projects

Professor Dario Alessi FRS FRSE

Understanding signalling pathways mutated in inherited disorders

Professor Simon Arthur

Signaling networks that control inflammation

Professor Geoff Barton FRSB

Protein and nucleic acid sequence analysis and function prediction

Dr. Micha Bayer

Professor Paul Birch FRSE

Plant pathogen interactions

Professor Julian Blow FRSE FMedSci

How DNA replication is organised and controlled to ensure precise chromosome duplication

Dr Jorunn Bos

Professor Doreen Cantrell CBE FRS FRSE FMedSci

T-lymphocyte signal transduction

Professor Alessio Ciulli FRSC

Chemical and Structural Biology of Protein-Protein Interactions

Professor Sir Philip Cohen FRS FRSE FMedSci

Signaling Networks that Regulate the Innate Immune System

Dr. Isabelle Colas

Dr Sarah Coulthurst

Bacterial pathogens and protein secretion systems

Professor Victoria Cowling

mRNA cap regulation

Professor Kim Dale

Establishing the vertebrate embryonic body plan

Dr Helge Dorfmueller

Investigation of cell wall biogenesis in Streptococci

Professor Mark Field

Molecular parasitology, intracellular transport, gene expression, eukaryotic evolution

Dr Greg Findlay

Embryonic Stem Cell Signaling Modules

Dr Ian Ganley

Molecular analysis of autophagy

Professor Anton Gartner

C. elegans genetics as a model to study basic biological problems

Professor Ian Gilbert FRSC

Design and synthesis of potential therapeutic agents

Professor Claire Halpin FRSE

Manipulation of plant metabolism using reverse genetics

Professor Ron Hay FRS FRSE FMedSci

Role of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins in transcriptional regulation

Dr Ingo Hein

Plant Pathogen Co-evolution

Dr Piers Hemsley

Regulation of protein function in plants by S-acylation

Professor David Horn FRSE

Antigenic variation, drug resistance and RNAi screens in trypanosomes

Dr Jens Januschke

Dynamics of cell polarisation

Dr. Yogesh Kulathu

Ubiquitin signalling mechanisms

Professor Karim Labib FRSE

Roles and regulation of the eukaryotic replisome in preserving genome integrity and epigenetics

Professor Angus Lamond FRS FRSE FMedSci

Nuclear structure proteomics and gene expression

Professor Miratul Muqit

Elucidation of the PINK1 signaling pathway in Parkinson’s disease

Dr David Murray

Understand the basic molecular mechanics in the formation of subcellular structures

Dr Philip Murray

Professor Inke Nathke

From molecules to tissue architecture

Dr David Norman

Magnetic Resonance, FRET, EPR, Spin-labeling and PELDOR

Professor Tom Owen-Hughes FRSE

Chromatin structure and gene regulation

Dr Mattie Pawlowic

Dr. Federico Pelisch

Dr Andrei Pisliakov

Computational Biophysics

Mr. Luke Ramsay

Dr Kasper Rasmussen

Investigating the regulation and function of DNA methylation in hematopoiesis

Professor John Rouse FRSE

Control of chromosome stability and DNA repair in health and disease

Dr Adrien Rousseau

Dr. Joanne Russell

Dr Gopal Sapkota

Untangling the TGFβ and Wnt signalling networks in cells, development and human diseases

Dr. Gabriele Schweikert

Dr Rastko Sknepnek

Computational soft condensed matter and biophysics group

Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall FRSE FRSB FEAM

Understanding the molecular mechanism of biofilm formation

Dr Marios Stavridis

Pluripotent stem cell biology

Professor Kate Storey FRSE FMedSci

Neural differentiation in embryos and embryonic stem cells

Dr. Mahima Swamy

Immune interactions at the intestinal epithelium

Professor Tomo Tanaka FRSE

Mechanisms ensuring proper chromosome segregation in mitosis

Professor Daan van Aalten FRSE

The role of the O-GlcNAc posttranslational modification in neurodegeneration

Dr Satpal Virdee

Chemical Biology Approaches for Studying The Ubiquitin System

Professor Robbie Waugh FRSE

Personal Chair of Crop Genomics

Professor Kees Weijer FRSE

Cell-cell signalling and chemotactic cell movement during development

Professor Paul Wyatt FRSE

The discovery of therapeutics for neglected diseases and the translation of novel biology through small molecule drug discovery

Dr Susan Wyllie

Kinetoplastid Biology

Ulrich Zachariae

Computational Biophysics and Drug Discovery

Dr. Fabio Zuccotto