University of Dundee

In-course Training

Within the College of Life Sciences we are fortunate to have access to a number of high-end technological platforms many of which have been established with the help of funding from the Wellcome Trust. These include:

In order to fully exploit these platforms, students on this programme have the opportunity to receive training in the use of these facilities.

Many of these platforms generate complex datasets that are in themselves a challenge to analyse and interpret. Often the analysis tools to be used challenge the range of skills typically acquired by life science researchers. For this reason we offer a software carpentry course providing an introduction to command line computing and programming. We also provide courses that provide a practical and theoretical understanding of error analysis in biology.

In addition the university offers a transferable skills training programme for postgraduate students.

Some popular choice amongst students on the Wellcome Trust Programme include:

  • grant writing
  • ‘Endnote’ training
  • ‘Advanced Word’ for thesis writing
  • bioinformatics
  • supervisor/student relationships
  • statistics
  • time management
  • intellectual property and patents
  • presentation skills