University of Dundee

Colombia-ICETEX PhD Programme

In 2012, ICETEX signed an agreement with the University of Dundee, under which the University is offering several scholarships for various postgraduate programmes covering the tuition fees.  Under the agreement ICETEX will provide loans to cover students’ living and travel expenses.  The School of Life Sciences is offering two PhD scholarships under the ICETEX-Dundee agreement.

Key elements of this programme consist of:

  • PhD projects in laboratories run by internationally-renowned scientists
  • structured training and mentoring programme
  • full access to postgraduate training programme and “Generic Skills” courses
  • tuition fee exemption gained through a School of Life Sciences Scholarship
  • ICETEX will provide an annual educational loan of US$ 16,000 to each Colombian student who receives a School of Life Sciences Scholarship

All research students present their work regularly, including at the annual School symposium and cohort-based retreats.

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