University of Dundee

Computational Biology

MRC DTP iCASE PhD Project: Characterisation of novel niraparib resistance mechanisms in ovarian cancer

We invite applications from outstanding biological or biomedical sciences graduates for a fully-funded 3.5-year MRC Doctoral Training Programme iCASE PhD studentship, in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), starting in September 2020, based in the Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre in the University of Dundee School of Medicine, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School.

CSC - Probing the function of protein repeat domains through population genetics, bioinformatics and molecular dynamics simulations

Recent work from our group has shown the value in analysing paralogous gene families to boost the functional signal in data from DNA sequencing human exomes and genomes at the population level (MacGowan et al, 2017).  The signal is especially strong in families of protein repeats such as TPRs, Ankyrins, HEAT and Armadillo and our recent collaborative research has shown how population genetics data can be used to select variants least likely to perturb function (Llabrés et al, 2019).  The project will extend these principles to a wider range of protein families important in disease.