University of Dundee

Getting a bank account

Lloyds TSB main branch (Perth Road, very near the University) will open an account for you and provide a debit card on the day, providing you have a passport and a written UK address (a utility bill is accepted, but not required). A temporary address is permitted, such as a "care of" address, as is the use of University Halls of Residence. A hotel address is not sufficient.  The College of Life Sciences Postgraduate Office will book an appointment for you or alternately you can book an appointment direct with the bank and we advise you to do this as soon as possible, as it can take a couple of days to arrange to see someone. Otherwise, the process should run smoothly!

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) branches are run independently and therefore each branch has different requirements. If using RBS, we would advise using a main branch in the city centre. They will also open an account for you on the day. They require proof of ID and address (as for Lloyds TSB), but require additional proof of funding before issuing a debit card (in addition to your contract).

The College of Life Sciences Postgraduate Office will provide a letter verifying your funding details and details of the duration of your PhD studentship on receipt of your formal request. It is advisable to take this along to the bank.

NB: before you leave for the UK, it is advisable to organise your current bank to send you a letter to your new UK address, or change your address in your current credit card account, so that the bills are send to you in the UK.