University of Dundee

Dr Rastko Sknepnek

Computational soft condensed matter and biophysics group
Senior Lecturer and Dundee Fellow
School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Dundee
Full Telephone: 
+44 (0) 1382 385699, int ext 85699


  • Physics of biological and artificial membranes
  • Tissue and cell mechanics
  • Pattern formation active, self-driven systems

I am a theoretical/computational physicist whose main research efforts focus on understanding physical processes in biological and soft condense matter systems. The main hallmarks of such systems is their high structural complexity, which requires modelling that spans multiple length and timescales. In particular, I am interested in pattern and shape formation in multi-component biological and artificial membranes, cell and tissue mechanics and active, self-propelled systems.

My research group develops meso-scale coarse grained models to describe mechanical and structural properties of biological and synthetic systems. Due to high level of complexity, such models are mainly analyzed using a wide variety of numerical techniques ranging from classical Monte Carlo simulations to large scale molecular dynamics simulations. Depending on the problem at hand, we either develop my own custom simulation codes or use publically available tools such as HOOMD-Blue and LAMMPS.

Stress profile in a cell adhered to V shape pattern. (S. Banerjee, R. Sknepnek, M. Cristina Marchetti, 2013)

Mesoscale model for the initial phase of endocytosis in yeast


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