University of Dundee

Professor Kate Storey FRSE FMedSci

Neural differentiation in embryos and embryonic stem cells
Professor of Neural Development and Head of the Division of Cell and Developmental Biology
School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Dundee
Full Telephone: 
+44 (0) 1382 385691, int ext 85691


Cell division in the neural tube

We wish to understand how neural cells arise and how their proliferation and differentiation are controlled. Our work focuses on the developing spinal cord and insights from these studies inform our investigation of these processes in embryonic stem cell derived neural tissue and in maturing spinal cord progenitors, which become adult neural stem cells. We address these questions using cell specific gain and loss of gene function approaches as well as genome-wide analyses and real-time imaging techniques. The overall aim of our work is to identify the gene regulatory mechanisms that control neural differentiation, with a long-term goal to inform strategies for therapeutic treatment of neural injury and disease.


Contributes lectures to:


Human Embryology and Morphology – year 4

Stem Cells in Development and Disease – year 4

Cell & Developmental Biology – year 3​


and suprevision for:

Honours student projects – x2 10-week projects

Graduate student seminars/rotation projects – year 1


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