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August 2017

  • Sonia Rocha
    04 Aug 2017

    Biochemists at the Universities of Liverpool and Dundee have been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award in Science of more than £1.5M to study potential disease-causing mechanisms in the cell cycle. The team composed of Professor Sonia Rocha at the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Integrative Biology and Professors Angus Lamond, Jason Swedlow and Stewart Fleming at the University of Dundee will investigate the interplay between oxygen sensing proteins and cell division. Essential for life

June 2017

October 2016

August 2016

  • 30 Aug 2016

    The OME Team has been awarded a £1.4M Biomedical Resource Award from the Wellcome Trust to extend the capabilities of its Bio-Formats image file reading library.  On receiving the award, Jason Swedlow, Professor of Quantitative Cell Biology and co-founder of OME said “the award is a recognition of the continuing growth of quantitative imaging in the life and biomedical sciences and the scientific community’s need for open source, community-driven tools for handling large, multidimensional image data sets.

March 2015

February 2015

  • 13 Feb 2015

    Jason Swedlow and the OME team are to lead a major project to help tackle one of four key biosciences `big data’ challenges identified by the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. The BBSRC has announced an investment of £7.5 million in new infrastructure to tackle bioscience big data challenges. The new funding will improve the storage and curation of enormous datasets that will unlock untold discoveries in important areas like health, agriculture and sustainable fuels.

November 2013

October 2013

  • With Bod1 removed this cancer cell cannot move many of its chromosomes (shown in green) to the middle of the cell. As a result the cell cannot divide into two and will eventually kill itself.
    31 Oct 2013

    Scientists at the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee have identified a protein that could be key in the fight against cancer. Researchers at the College's Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression have demonstrated that cancer cells need a protein called Bod1 to grow and divide. When this protein is removed cancer cells lose control of cell division and die.

March 2013

  • 08 Mar 2013

    Award-winning innovator Professor Jason Swedlow speaks about his research to members of the public at Cafe Science next week. Every day scientists across the World are producing huge amounts of information and images from their work. It is difficult to store and share all of this data, which may overwhelm the scientists and computer systems. In some cases this may lead to missed opportunities to identify medical breakthroughs.

February 2013

  • 20 Feb 2013

    The University of Dundee is among 17 projects sharing a £24.5million cash injection to boost the resolution revolution taking place in microscope technology. Three of the UK's research councils - the Medical Research Council, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council – have invested £20.1m, £2.4m and £2m respectively, to establish 17 microscopy platforms that will bring about ground breaking advances in biological and biomedical research.