University of Dundee

Marjory Stephenson Prize for Geoff Gadd

16 Dec 2021

Professor Geoff Gadd has been awarded the 2022 Microbiology Society Marjory Stephenson Prize. This award is made to an individual who has made exceptional contributions to the discipline of microbiology.

Geoff said, “This is a great honour from the society I joined about 45 years ago with little idea that one day someone would think that I have made a contribution to microbiology! Of course, any contribution made has been achieved through the excellent members of my research team, and collaborations with many lifelong friends in the UK and internationally. I am delighted that our research on fungi, metals and minerals has been recognised in this way.”

Geoff Gadd has over 45 years of direct research experience of metal-mineral-microbe interactions and their relevance to environmental processes and biotechnology. He has made particularly notable contributions relating to fungal metal-mineral transformations through multidisciplinary research at the interface of microbiology, mineralogy and geochemistry, and the establishment of “geomycology” as a recognised research area. The research has furthered understanding of metal and radionuclide accumulation, detoxification and tolerance, mineral transformations and biomineralization, and their significance for biodeterioration, bioremediation and element biorecovery.

The Marjory Stephenson Prize is named after Society founding member and former President, Marjory Stephenson (1947–1948). The recipient is awarded £1,000 and will present a lecture at the Annual Microbiology Society Conference to be held in Belfast from 4–7 April 2022.

Adapted from article on Microbiology Society website.