University of Dundee

The Garland Café reopens under new management (Monday, 24 February 2014)

20 Feb 2014

The College of Life sciences is delighted to announce that after a three-week closure The Garland Café will reopen on Monday 24 February 2014.

The new management company Elior, were awarded the tender for the café after a rigorous procurement process in which staff from across the College of Life Sciences were involved, communicating their needs and expectations of the café; Elior were the popular choice.

Professor Mike Ferguson, Dean of Research at the College said:

“For the College, The Garland is much more than just a café. It is a place where researchers from across various groups and subject areas meet informally to discuss their work and is therefore a crucible for some very exciting collaborations and new research directions.”

Awarding the tender for the Café to a large catering group is also indicative of the College’s growth over the past few years. The Garland Cafe, which was named after Peter Garland, the first Professor of Biochemistry at the University, has been run for years by a small family business, which was an integral part of the CLS community. But the addition of three new buildings in less than two decades - and Dundee’s growing international reputation - has meant that a large, national company is better resourced to handle catering for the needs of over 900 staff.

The Garland Cafe opening hours are: 8am-6pm (Monday to Friday)