University of Dundee

Julian Blow takes over as Dean of Research for Life Sciences

06 Aug 2014

The College of Life Sciences is delighted to announce that, as of August 2014, Professor Julian Blow has taken on the role of Dean of Research. Julian, formerly the Director of the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, agreed to take on the position which oversees the strategy, operation and administration of all College research, from Mike Ferguson who is stepping down after serving as Dean since 2007.

Julian said, “I would like to acknowledge the fantastic job that Mike has done over the last seven years. He has been a visionary leader who has worked tirelessly to develop research in CLS and support our staff at all levels. He has driven forward a range of important changes to the College, including the planning, funding and construction of the fabulous new CTIR building.

“I am taking on the responsibility for a School of Research that is in an extremely strong position with exciting opportunities for future development. I am looking forward to the challenges of being Dean of Research and I am optimistic about further enhancing the quality and impact of our research.”

Mike Ferguson will continue his integral role in the College of identifying new funding opportunities and developing international research collaborations, supporting Julian as the new Associate Dean for Research Strategy.

Julian has already stated that one of his first objectives as Dean is to listen to research staff to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and difficulties that currently face the College and the University as a whole. He is actively encouraging everyone at CLS to share any suggested improvements, criticisms or ideas they may have about the School of Research through their Principal Investigator, Head of Division, line manager, PiCLS or CLSPA representative or even directly to him (where appropriate).


Julian will be moving to the Dean of Research Office on Level 4 (Southside) of the Wellcome Trust Building while retaining his Lab in the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression; he will be supported by his new PA Claire Kadoch (formerly of BCDD). Mike Ferguson and his team - PA Karen Pope and Research Strategy and Development Officer Morag Martin, are relocating to the CTIR Level 2 (East), which will also give Mike the opportunity of being closer to his own research group.